Maurizio Sarri Joins Juventus

Grazie, Maurizio.

For about two weeks now its been clear that Sarri would be moving to Juventus. In an interview with Vogue Magazine Sarri stated that being away from his family and aging parents had taken a toll on him this season and that he was hoping that a move to Italy would come through. Yesterday the move became official and the club statement stated the same facts. In a statement from Marina she says that Sarri and the board held a meeting after the Europa League final and that Sarri made it clear that he wanted to return to Italy. With that Juventus just happened to have made a bid for Sarri and with a 5 million compensation fee he moved to Juventus. 

Sarri’s departure from Chelsea is a combination of several factors, some more so than others. Firstly Sarri himself had his problems the main of which were his refusal to change his tactics. That is the only real point stated that I can make sense off as even I felt that sometimes there could have been an option for a plan b. The point of Sarri not playing youth is a myth as CHO, Ruben, and Christensen were just that. Sarri actually gave the most minutes to youth players than any other manager in the Abramovich era. The whole Kante and Jorginho debate was also a media fuelled topic as both the players and stats proved that it was working. Kante winning balls further up the pitch only helped Chelsea and he also added an attacking threat to his game. Jorginho started off well and then dipped but he ended the season very strongly and also improved defensively as well. The fans who have booed Sarri and abused him in the stadium also play a major part in him leaving as well as the constant criticism from the media when the likes of Emery just hide in the shadows. The club play their part as well as they never once made a statement that backed Sarri and let the narrative carry on in the media. The final nail was the approach from Juventus and after all the previous points and Juventus being the biggest club in Italy Sarri would have been stupid to not move. 

Sarri leaves the club a Europa League winner, he guided Chelsea to a 3rd placed finish, he beat Pep, Chelsea thrashed Arsenal in the final, he brought the best out of Hazard, and if anything he has only boosted his status as a top manager. Let’s put it this way Poch has spent 4 seasons at Tottenham and Sarri has one more trophy than him and finished higher than him. Sarri also has the same number of trophies as Klopp has in England. Similar to Conte, I would have liked Sarri to stay because I saw that the team were in the ascendancy but Sarri has built a solid foundation for the next manager and a time will come when his season at Chelsea will be appreciated. Thank you Sarri, and best of luck at Juventus. 


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