World Cup Day 4 Preview

Easy wins for Belgium and England?

Group F

Sweden vs. South Korea

Sweden and South Korea should be an interesting affair with both teams having good players. In a group that includes Germany and Mexico this game could provide valuable points to both teams. The game is too hard to call but both teams could get three points. 

Group G

Belgium vs. Panama

With all due respect to Panama this should be a peace of cake for Belgium with the amount of talent at their disposal. The world cup is susceptible to shock results but the chance of Panama getting even a point is minute. Belgium to win but an epic shock if Panama are able to get a point or more. 

Tunisia vs. England

Another result that on paper should go clearly in Englands favour. England along with Belgium should qualify from this group anything else would be embarrassing. England though do allow teams to shock them and Tunisia should feel encouraged by the way Costa Rica managed to gain points in 2014. England to win but not convincingly.  



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