Chelsea 20/21 Season Review

A rollercoaster ride!

Overall – 


Won – 34 Drawn – 13 Lost – 12 


Won – 29 Drawn – 8 Lost – 18


Scored – 99 Conceded – 43 Clean Sheets – 32 


Scored – 102 Conceded – 79 Clean Sheets – 13

When I wrote the review last season I said it was a season of progress for Chelsea. This season I would say we progressed by taking the biggest leap a European Football Club can take but we for sure took the scenic route. The season began on September 15th 2020 for Chelsea with Frank Lampard as our manager and an exciting expectation about the season. Chelsea’s season ended on May 29th 2021 winning the Champions League with Thomas Tuchel as our manager and an exciting expectation for next season. Over the course of this article we will look at each competition and see how the season went from high high’s to low lows and how Chelsea ended up winning the biggest prize in European football for the 2nd time. 

Premier League

Let’s look back to September of last year. The Euros had been cancelled but Chelsea bought really well during the summer and had one of the best windows ever. Hakim Ziyech, Timo Werner, Ben Chilwell, Thiago Silva, Edouard Mendy, and Kai Havertz all joined Chelsea for Lampard’s 2nd season in charge and it was going to be glorious. Chelsea’s Premier League campaign can be divided into 3 parts. The first period started in September with MW 1 and ended at the beginning of December with MW 11. In that period Chelsea played 11 games winning 6, drawing 4 and losing 1 in the process. We scored 23 goals and conceded 11 playing a 4-3-3 formation under Lampard. It was a solid period at the end of MW 11 we were 3rd 2 points off of league leaders Tottenham. Our highlight would have been that MW 11 game against Leeds at Stamford Bridge which also welcomed around 2000 fans to the stadium. We ran our socks off against Leeds out running Bielsa’s team and played really well all over the park. All 5 signings started that game and it was another check on Lampard’s list. It looked like there was clear improvement and as Chelsea fans everyone was very confident.

Then come’s the period from MW 12 to MW 19 where it felt like someone flipped a switch with the team. Chelsea played 8 games, winning 2, drawing 1, and losing 5; scoring 8, and conceding 12. Losses to Leicester, Man City, Arsenal, Everton and Wolves saw us drop down to 9th in the table 7 points from 4th. Then came the news that Lampard had been sacked by Chelsea. It was a complete shock to everyone. I still remember I was out having lunch and I just lost my appetite. There was confusion, anger, from fans as to why. We had been promised a project and sure the results had not been great over the last month but we were in it for the long run with Lamps. At the very least he deserved till the end of the season. A personal message from Abramovich stated that it was one of the hardest decisions he had to make. There was news about some key players isolated like Rudiger, and Azpilicueta while the declining form in front of goal of Werner etc was not ideal. So the next question was who’s next. There was really only one top manager available who had just been sacked by PSG and that man was Thomas Tuchel. 

Now before we talk about Tuchel’s first 4-5 months in charge of Chelsea I would like to say that he was at the bottom of my list when it came to Lampard replacements. The anger, and not really knowing Tuchel apart from the results with PSG and Dortmund from a distance meant that I didn’t really take him as serious manager and more of a nearly there. I am so happy to say that I was slapped in the face and put in my place by the German. From the first press conference when he was unveiled as the manager I felt like this was another manager I would fall in love with. Tuchel said that he would make Chelsea solid and hard to play against and a team that others feared and I can happily say he delivered and we aren’t even anywhere near the finished product. Tuchel’s first game came in MW 20 and over the next 19 games Chelsea won 11 games, drew 5, and lost 3. We secured 4th on the final day with 67 points and Champions League football with it. That would have been Tuchel’s main objective and he was able to get it done. In that period we beat Tottenham, Everton, Liverpool, Man City and Leicester scoring 8 and conceding 2. Overall we scored 25 and conceded 13. 

Now last season I compared Lampard’s first season to the ones that the likes of Klopp, Pep etc had. That was one full season though and comparing Tuchel’s 5 month period would be unfair. What we can do is compare what exactly was different between Chelsea under Lampard and Chelsea under Tuchel. Now during that first period and for most of the time under Lampard Chelsea had a more dynamic gung ho approach. You could win big but you could easily lose heavily. During the first 19 games we scored 3 or more goals 8 times. We also conceded 3 or more goals 4 times. Under Tuchel the goals did dry up as we scored 3 or more goals once in 19 games but we also conceded 3 or more goals once in 19 games which came against West Brom. What I feel hurt Lampard and led to him getting sacked was our dry spell and the fact that we didn’t switch it up at the back. Tuchel recognised that there was a dry spell and it continued on but we became one of the best defences in Europe and so even scoring 1 or 2 goals were enough. It was just evident that Chelsea were missing that touch up front. The club led the Premier League in terms of chances created since January. Defensively we were a massive improvement though really only behind City and we probably would have been better if Tuchel had been around for a season.

The main difference between Lampard and Tuchel was that when the going got tough Lampard’s inexperience showed. The isolation of key players and the lack of tactical knowledge needed to solve a tricky situation meant that we were hoping for a turn around in form rather than working on it. Now with more experience and growth I believe Lampard will reach new heights as a manager because getting top four last season was no small task and we did play really well up till December. Tuchel on the other hand showed his experience. Bringing back influential figures like Rudiger, Azpi, Alonso and making everyone feel like they had a place in the team. Tuchel gave everyone a chance in those opening few games. Finally the change in formation played to Chelsea’s strengths and our defensive solidity meant that we became a great team. The energy that the players displayed for many games during the 2nd half of the season and the willingness to press was very Germanesque. Of course we did pressing under Lampard as well but the positive results always help the team believe that they are gaining rewards for their hard work on the pitch. 

At the beginning of the season I predicted that Chelsea would finish 3rd and within single digits of the top 2. That did not pan out as we finished 19 points behind City and 7 points behind Manchester United. We also only managed a point more than we did last season. There is a big asterisk though and the change of managers meant that early season predictions at least those on the league were thrown out the door. Regardless of the finish Chelsea will be expected to challenge for the title next season and who knows if we can solve our patchy form during the holidays we can win the lot.

Champions League Winners

The crowning achievement of the season and one that made the rollercoaster ride worthwhile. At the beginning of the season I said that anything past the Quarter-Finals would be a bonus but what followed was fully deserved. It was a campaign of sustained success from the group stage to the final and for that both Lampard and Tuchel deserve credit. The group stage began with a 0-0 draw at home to Sevilla. What came next were wins against Krasnodar, twice against Stade Rennais, and a big win against Sevilla where Giroud scored all 4 goals in a 0-4 win. The final Champions League game under Lampard was a 1-1 draw against Krasnodar. A solid group stage which saw us improve under Lamps from last season. We scored 14 goals over 6 games and conceded 2 which was very very good. 

Lampard’s sacking in January meant that for the knockout stages we would have Tuchel in charge who himself was sacked at PSG after guiding them to the knockout stages. What followed under Tuchel will go down in history. We beat Atletico Madrid 3-0 over two legs in the Round of 16, out playing and out fighting Diego Simeone and his players. Next up was Porto in the Quarter-Finals who beat 2-1 on aggregate as we won the 1st leg but lost the 2nd leg to a wonder goal. Porto tried to play dirty but we fought it out. Real Madrid were next in the Semi-Finals and we beat them 3-1 on aggregate. A 1-1 draw in the 1st leg and a big 2-0 win at Stamford Bridge. 

We all know what happened on Saturday as Chelsea beat Manchester City in Porto 0-1 to become Champions of Europe for a 2nd time. It was a deserved win as Chelsea were once again the better team against Manchester City. 9 wins, 3 draws, and 1 loss. 23 goals scored, 4 conceded!. To put that into context we conceded 16 goals last season as we were knocked out by Bayern in the Round of 16. 4 goals conceded also happens to be a new record for a CL winning team. We also kept 9 clean sheets in 13 games. For many in this team the Champions League is their first trophy at Chelsea and for many it’s their first senior trophy ever. It should be a major catalyst for what really is a new era at the club.

The main thing to take away from this CL win is the fact that unlike 2012 this time we deserved to win it. 2012 was a campaign against the odds, Chelsea were 2nd best in several games but we fought hard and at times rode our luck but we got the job done. It was special. This time we outplayed each team we should have scored way more goals and we deserved it over the course of the campaign. A 2nd Champions League really makes Chelsea a global force and puts any doubts of the colour of London to bed. London is Blue and for now Europe is Blue. 

FA Cup Final

We had another solid FA Cup campaign as we reached the final for a 2nd consecutive season. Wins against Morecambe, Luton, Barnsley, Sheffield United, and Manchester City saw us reach the final. We scored 11 goals and conceded 2 as we lost the final to Leicester at Wembley. We also kept 4 clean sheets over 6 games. Falling at the final hurdle for a 2nd time was tough but another learning experience and one that probably encouraged the players to get the job done in Porto. 

Carabao Cup 4th Round

Once again we were knocked out of the Carabao Cup in the 4th round. We beat Barnsley 6-0 in the 3rd round but lost to Tottenham on penalties. 

It wasn’t a predictable season. So many ups and downs throughout. At the beginning of December Lampard was challenging for title with the club and in January he was sacked. Tuchel came in and Chelsea became a power house and won the Champions League. We conceded 4 goals in the entire CL campaign but conceded 8 to West Brom over two games. Supporting Chelsea is never boring but man it can be exhausting. Elation, to anger, to elation again are just some of the emotions I felt this season. So what’s next? Well it’s a summer break but not for the players as they have Euro 2020 to deal with. A couple of weeks break after that and Chelsea will be back in pre season. This squad doesn’t need another 7 players but 3-4 key players. Our forward players seemed to have lost their finishing en masse after December and we need to sign a forward hopefully Lukaku to be that consistent source up front. A defensive midfielder like Rice would be an amazing get as well. The rest Chelsea can sort out for themselves. This Chelsea team under Tuchel is ready to challenge next season and it’s going to be a big one. I expect the team and squad to challenge on all front’s and it has me very excited. For now though the Euros and an entertaining transfer window! COME ON CHELSEA!!!


Man City 0 vs. 1 Chelsea Champions League Final Review

CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIMES 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chelsea took on Manchester City in the Champions League final on Saturday night in Porto. Fans in the stadium, ex legends in the stadium everyone was present and similar to the FA Cup final there was a real feeling that it was a big game unlike last years Champions League final. Tuchel picked the exact same team that I predicted with Mendy in goal, Azpilicueta, Silva, and Rudiger making up the defence and Reece James and Chilwell making up the wing backs. Jorginho and Kante made up the midfield while Mount, Werner, and Havertz made up the front three. Strongest lineup by Tuchel arguably and Chelsea were ready to go. Pep played the predicted team as well with a 4-3-3 formation but weirdly he played no defensive midfielder. No Fernandinho or Rodri in the lineup and Gundogan was playing in that position. Sterling surprisingly got a rare start. Either way strong lineups no excuses and the game began. 

The first chance came to Sterling in the 8th minute as a ball over the top found him through but Reece made a great recovery run to defend the goal from Sterling. Werner then had a brilliant chance at the other end but fluffed his shot and City went right down the other end to create a chance but Chilwell made a big block. Werner then had another good chance but his shot just got stuck under his feet as it went to close to Ederson. Werner then had his 3rd chance in the opening 15 minutes as his shot from the left hits the net after getting deflected by a City player. Rudiger then made an amazing block in the 27th minute as Foden found himself open right in front of Mendy, world class. Thiago Silva had to sadly come off in the 36th minute as it seemed he might have injured his groin. Christensen came on for him. Chelsea then got the goal in the 42nd minute as Chilwell passed into Mount and Mount put in a brilliant through ball for Havertz who broke the line and dribbled past Ederson to slot the ball into an empty net. A massive goal for Chelsea going into half time and fully deserved as Chelsea had the more clear cut chances in the 1st half.

The 2nd half started with City in dominance but De Bruyne had to come off in the 56th minute as he collided with Rudiger. The collision left him with some fractures in his face and he left the pitch crying. It was a sad thing to see as Jesus came on for him. City then wanted a penalty for the ball hitting Reece on the body and then hitting the hand but the referee was adamant it was a deflection and VAR did not overrule it. Fernandinho then came on as well as Pulisic. City went through a dominant period of possession as Chelsea had to grind it out defensively. Azpilicueta then made another game saving block as he cleared the ball from 2 yards in front of goal. Chelsea broke in the 73rd minute and Pulisic had a great chance to make it 2 but his shot went just wide of the post. Aguero and Kovacic came on for the final 10 minutes of the game. Chelsea then made some final blocks in 7 minutes of extra time to seal the win. The whistle blew and Chelsea were CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!

Chelsea Team Review


Mendy keeps another clean sheet and breaks the record for most clean sheets by a debut goalkeeper in the competition. We can talk about the stats in the season review but the game was flawless. Mendy really didn’t have much to do mainly due the defence making so many good tackles. The story he has been on in his career, last night was a reward for his hard work. 


Reece James, Azpilicueta, Silva, Rudiger, Christensen and Chilwell were impeccable. Just flawless. Every single player dominated City. Reece James pocketed Sterling and didn’t let him breathe while the same can be said for Chilwell and Mahrez. Azpilicueta, Silva, Rudiger and Christensen all made goal saving blocks throughout the game and showed why Chelsea have one of the meanest defences in world football. An amazing performance by them. 


Jorginho, Kante, and Mount had great games as well. It was no nonsense performance from Jorginho as he controlled the tempo of the game and played out of pressure. Kante was his world class best and one of the best moments came when he tracked back and made a brilliant tackle on De Bruyne who was about to enter the Chelsea box. Mount got the assist for the goal and what an assist it was. It was a perfectly weighted pass and his pressing was dogged from the beginning. Mount also tracked back at one moment to make an amazing block. Kovacic came on for Mount for the final 15 and saw out the game. Kova’s ability to dribble out of the press really helped Chelsea. 


Werner had his usual game in terms of this season. Missed 2 really good chances and one decent chance in the first 15 minutes. If it was Werner from last season then we would have been 2 or 3-0 up at the very beginning. Other than that it was his constant runs behind the City backline that cause problems. Even the goal it his decoy run which allowed Havertz to find space down the middle as it dragged Dias to go with Werner. Havertz was impeccable his movement for the goal and his calmness to dribble past Ederson and finish was immense. He’s repaid whatever his transfer fees was and it’s only just the beginning. Pulisic came on in the 2nd half and had a great opportunity to make it 2-0 but apart from that he did well to manage out the final minutes.


Wow what a manager. Beat Pep 3 teams in a row and unlike his counterpart he stuck with what Chelsea were good at it. It was always going to be a tactical battle and Tuchel beat Pep in it. To think it’s just the beginning for him at Chelsea and there are many more trophies left to win. The belief and doggedness he has brought back into the club has made us a big game team once again. 

Champions of Europe for a 2nd time. I don’t think I’m ever going to get tired of that unless we make it 3 hahaha. What a night for Chelsea Football Club from the fans to the players to the staff to Abramovich and the other families in the stadium. 2012 was special because it was the trophy that alluded our legends and they managed it in some sort of last dance. We fought hard and against the odds defending for a large part of that campaign winning through belief. Last night though it was a game we won because we were the better team. Not just in the final but through the whole competition. Group stage, Atletico, Porto, Real, and Man City. Utterly dominant. This is a beginning it feels like there is plenty more to come from this squad and this manager at Chelsea and the fans and players along with Tuchel are very excited. COME ON CHELSEA!!! CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!

Man City vs. Chelsea Champions League Final Preview

The pinnacle of club football.

Chelsea and Manchester City travel to Porto to play the Champions League final. The final was supposed to be held in Istanbul but due to Covid and it being an all English final it was moved closer to England. Chelsea are looking to win a 2nd Champions League after 2012 while Man City are playing their first European final in this century and a bit more than that. There are going to be fans of both teams in the stadium and it’s going to be one hell of a night for sure. 

Manchester City finished top of their group winning 5 and drawn 1 of their games. They scored 13 and conceded 1 in the process. City then beat Monchengladbach 4-0 on aggregate in the Round of 16. Next up was Dortmund who they beat 2-4 on aggregate. The semi’s saw them face off against PSG who they beat 4-1 on aggregate. One could say it’s been a fairly comfortable journey to the final for City in terms of how they have won those games. PSG was the hardest of the opposition but Dortmund were underdogs as well. City since the 2nd leg against PSG have lost 2 and won 2 of their games. It’s been a long journey for City and Pep in terms of reaching the final. They haven’t won any European trophy though and never made a final. Pep has played 14 finals and won 13 so he has that going for him. City haven’t had the emotion of losing a CL final or winning the Europa League. It’s just been a straight path to success. Of course City go into this game as favourites given that they are one of the best teams in the world at the moment and Premier League champions as well. 

Chelsea also finished top of the group, winning 4 and drawing 2. We scored 14 and conceded 2 goals in the process. We played now Spanish champions Atletico Madrid in the Round of 16 and beat them 3-0 on aggregate. We played FC Porto in the quarters and won 2-1 on aggregate. We played Real Madrid in the semi-finals and beat them 3-1 on aggregate. Very similar path to City in terms of dominating our games and arguably we could have scored even more in those games if we had been more clinical. For Chelsea it’s the complete opposite narrative though. Funnily enough we have 1 Champions League, 2 Europa League’s, and 2 European Cup Winners Cup’s but we are going into the game as underdogs yet again. Chelsea like to be the underdogs though and we tend to always perform out of our skin when people don’t give us a chance. It’s games like the FA Cup final where we are expected to win and sometimes struggle. Tuchel and Silva were in last year’s Champions League final and they lost to a very good Bayern team. These Chelsea players have now played two finals and lost both so they will for sure have the fire to make it right and win. 

Chelsea Team Preview

Chelsea have a fully fit squad available for the final. Mendy should start in goal with Azpilicueta, Silva, and Rudiger as the back 3. Reece James and Chilwell should start as the wing backs with Jorginho and Kante in the midfield. Mount and Werner should start up front and it’s a tight call for the final spot. Havertz, Ziyech, or Pulisic could start up front but I would go with Havertz. The German had a good game Real Madrid and with Werner playing off of him they should cause problems. Werner’s pace will be key though and it’s written in the stars that after the season Werner has had in front of goal he finally get’s a valid a goal or two in Chelsea’s biggest game this season to win Chelsea the biggest club trophy there is. There is plenty of talent on the bench though and if we need to Pulisic can cause damage off of it. Giroud, Ziyech, Hudson-Odoi are all available as well. Kovacic is also a source of fresh energy. It’s a strong team and a well knit team. I have a feeling Tuchel could tweak something in how Chelsea play but we will leave that up to him. 

Man City Team Preview

Man City have a full squad to select from as well. Gundogan picked up a slight niggle in training but he will probably start unless it’s something serious. Ederson will of course be in goal. I don’t think Pep will match Chelsea’s formation and he will stick to his back four. Walker, Stones, Dias, and Zinchenko should be their defence. Mahrez, Fernandinho, Gundogan, and Foden should be their midfield with De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva up front. It’s very much a false 9 formation with no real striker as it has been for much of City’s season. City will feel that this is the first time they are fielding their first choice XI against Chelsea since Tuchel has come in and that should give them some sort of advantage. Of course they are English Champions and the likes of Ederson, Mahrez, Gundogan, Foden, Dias, and De Bruyne have been the standout players for them this season. We all know how City will play they will look to dominate the ball and choke Chelsea with possession. Quick passes and movement. Sterling, Jesus, Aguero, Torres, Cancelo, Mendy are all players that are available to cause damage for City from the bench. 

Starting XI Prediction



What a day it’s going to be, Champions League finals don’t come around all too often unless your Real Madrid from a couple of seasons ago. The Chelsea team that won in 2012 was very much the squad’s swan song. It was a last dance of sorts and the crowning achievement of what that squad of key players had accomplished over that decade or so. For this Chelsea squad a win in Porto would be very much the opposite. This Chelsea team is just getting started and it’s going to be another summer of solid investment in terms of signings. Tuchel is just getting started and too win a Champions League early on in their careers could be such a catalyst for what could be an amazing time for Chelsea Football Club. Our players will be burning after they lost the last two finals and now it’s very much a matter of showing what this club is about. In 2012 we beat the best team in the world at their stadium to win the Champions League. We once again face the best team in the world as underdogs but this team I feel is more talented then that team and where 2012 was a campaign of grit and desire this team can actually win this final deserving to win it. Nervously excited a big night awaits. COME ON CHELSEA!!!

Midweek Football Review

All English finals but 1!

Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Man City 2 (4) vs. (1) 0 Paris Saint Germain

Mahrez scored in the 11th minute and in the 63rd minute while Di Maria was sent off for PSG in the 69th minute as Man City finally reached their first Champions League final. Pep’s first Champions League final since 2010-11. PSG really didn’t cause any damage and funnily enough they looked like Spurs at the Battle of the Bridge no mentality what so ever. It looks like Pochettino has transferred the Spurs psyche to Paris. City now travel to Istanbul where they will play Chelsea for the Champions League trophy.

Europa League Semi-Finals 2nd Leg

AS Roma 3 (5) vs. (8) 2 Man United

Roma needed to score a minimum of 4 and they almost managed that if it wasn’t for De Gea and his world class saves and Cavani’s lethal finishes up front. Cavani scored in the 39th minute to give United the lead. Dzeko, and Cristante scored within 60 minutes in the 2nd half to cause United some problems. By that time De Gea had made around 4-5 world class saves to keep United in the game. Cavani then scored again in the 68th minute but Telles scored an own goal in the 83rd minute to give Roma a consolation win. Roma based on the match deserved to go through but De Gea’s class shined bright and United book their first final under Ole where they will play Villarreal. 

Arsenal 0 (1) vs. (2) 0 Villarreal

Villarreal are through. Emery is through. He gets the job done against the club that sacked him. He beat the manager that replaced him. Arteta and Arsenal had no ideas whatsoever and bar Aubameyang hitting the post there was no indication that Arsenal would win. Villarreal reach their first European final where they will face off against Man United and they have every chance of winning that game. Arsenal are not officially a mid table club. 

Chelsea 2 (3) vs. (1) 0 Real Madrid Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg Review


Chelsea took on Real Madrid at Stamford Bridge for the 2nd Leg of the Champions League semi-final on Wednesday night. The aggregate score was a 1-1 with Chelsea having got a crucial away goal in the 1st leg. This meant that Real Madrid had to score against Chelsea to stand any chance of going through. Zidane picked a strong XI with all the top players starting. Mendy, and Ramos also made the starting XI with Hazard starting as well. Tuchel went with a trusted XI with Mendy in goal, Christensen, Silva, and Rudiger made up the back 3. Azplicueta returned as wing back with Chilwell starting on the left. Jorginho and Kante returned as well with Mount, Werner, and Havertz starting up front. Pulisic was dropped to the bench for this game as Tuchel said he wanted more height up front. 

The opening minutes were even with both teams getting time on the ball. The first real chance came in the 18th minute when Chilwell found space down the left and was able to cross into Werner who finished past Courtois but was a margin offside. The next big chance fell to Benzema in the 26th minute as his low shot was saved by Mendy who strongly palmed it out of the way. The opening goal came in the 28th minute as Werner won the aerial ball and passed it to Kante who passed it to Havertz. The German drove forward and was able to chip over Courtois but the ball hit the post, luckily though it fell straight back in and Werner was there to head it into an empty net. A massive goal for Chelsea started and finished by our Germans. Mendy then made another strong save from Benzema as he was able to head a Modric cross. The 1st half ended with Chelsea in the lead and 45 minutes away from a CL Final. 

The 2nd half was all Chelsea and we could have easily put the game to bed. Havertz hit the post in the 47th minute following a brilliant header from distance. Mount and Werner then combined really well to send Mount through on goal but his shot went over the goal in the 53rd minute. The 59th minute saw Jorginho send a ball over the top and Havertz had a clear run on goal but his shot was saved by Courtois. Werner then drove forward in the 66th minute and passed the ball to Kante who’s shot was saved by a last ditch effort from Valverde. Silva’s header then went wide in the 74th minute. The goal then finally came in the 85th minute and was largely down to Kante. Kante sensed a tackle and he charged down a loose ball to pass it into Pulisic who drove down and cut back to find Mount. A pin point pass into Mason and he finished past Courtois to send Chelsea into pandemonium and book a place in the Champions League Final. 

Chelsea Team Review


What a game from Mendy. The keeper’s saves from Benzema in the 1st half were crucial in keeping Chelsea in the game and he was a rock at the back. Mendy has brought so much confidence to this team and a clean sheet against Real Madrid adds another check to his brilliant season. Distribution, vocally everything top to bottom Mendy is doing really well. 


Azpilicueta, Christensen, Silva, Rudiger, and Chilwell were amazing throughout the game. The back 3 were defensively solid with Christensen having Hazard in his pocket while Rudiger handled Benzema throughout the game. Chilwell dominated Vinicius as well leaving the Brazilian frustrated. Azpilicueta and Silva showed so much fight throughout the game and led from the back. Reece James came on for the final 10 minutes to see out the win in place of Azpilicueta. Also on top of that another clean sheet. 


Jorginho and Kante are so so good. Kovacic has been missing due to injury but these 3 have formed a great trio of midfielders in this team. Jorginho got an early yellow but managed the game well, defensively and offensively. Kante was Man of the match though. Absolutely outstanding. Kante was everywhere and was crucial in both goals and it was amazing to watch. The Frenchman is elite he is probably the best in his position in the world. Mount was amazing and he has been throughout this season. The goal was a cherry on top of the cake and he arguably should have had one more. Top class from all.


Everyone was a bit surprised to see Pulisic on the bench and Werner selected but the Germans repaid the selection in full. Werner was crucial in creating chances and probably should have had an assist or two. The goal was slightly lucky but again he was in the right position at the right time to take advantage. Havertz was at his majestic best. The German glided along the pitch and should have had a goal or two of his own. They seem to be gaining form at a crucial point in the season. Ziyech, and Pulisic came on late in the game and Pulisic got a crucial assist. The American ran the Madrid backline ragged and was great to watch. Ziyech played some good passes in his limited time. Giroud came on for the final minute or so to see out the win. 


Tuchel has made such an impact at Chelsea its amazing. A successive Champions League final for him is a great personal achievement but he will want to win it this time. The belief and strength he has drilled into the team is great to see. This is only the beginning under him and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

So, Chelsea book a place in the Champions League final for the 3rd time in recent history. Before we face Man City at Istanbul though we have 5 crucial games to play domestically. 4 very important league games and 1 FA Cup final. Next up is a trip to the Etihad to play the one and only Man City. COME ON CHELSEA!!!

Chelsea (1) vs. (1) Real Madrid Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg Preview

The latest biggest game this season!

Chelsea take on Real Madrid for the 2nd Leg of the Champions League semi-final at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday night. The game is level on 1-1 with Chelsea having an away goal advantage at the moment. Real Madrid have to score at Stamford Bridge to stand any chance of reaching the final. Real Madrid won 2-0 at the weekend in La Liga so they come into this game with good momentum. The 1st leg was saw a mixed performance by them with the 1st half that saw them get dominated while the 2nd half was even on both sides. The greatest source of motivation for this Real Madrid side is what they have accomplished in the competition over the last 5-6 years and the experience they have. 

Chelsea go into this game having won 2-0 against Fulham at the weekend. It was a professional performance that was needed between two heavy duty games not that they Fulham game was any less important. Like Tuchel said in the press conference pre match Chelsea will have to forget about the 1st leg result. We need to go into this game thinking it’s a one off and a win is the only way through to the final. If we rely on the first leg advantage then it can cause us to get complacent in this game. As always under Tuchel the key will be to take our chances up front. If there is one area to improve from in the 1st leg it is to finish our chances. We cut open Madrid at will in the first 45 minutes last week but failed to find the final pass or shot. A solid performance against Fulham should help that. 

Chelsea Team Preview

Tuchel said that Kovacic will be out of the squad for the game. Rudiger is available and should be able to play with a mask. I expect Mendy to start in goal with Christensen, Silva, and Rudiger making up the back 3. Azpilicueta and Chilwell should return as the wing backs with Kante and Jorginho starting in midfield. Mount and Pulisic should start this game but it’s anyone’s guess who starts up front. Werner caused a ton of problems for Madrid in the first leg but Havertz was clinical and great against Fulham. With City at the weekend I think Havertz could start up front. Werner, Ziyech, Giroud, Hudson-Odoi, and Tammy are all players available from the bench for Tuchel with the likes of Reece James and Zouma. With 5 subs there is plenty of scope for changes to be made as well. Mount, Pulisic, and Havertz worked wonders against Palace and they could work more against Madrid even if it is another level entirely.

Real Madrid Team Preview

Real Madrid and Zidane will be without Carvajal and Varane who are injured for the game. Ramos, and Mendy are back though while Marcelo was also able to travel. Courtois will most likely start in goal with a back four of Odriozola, Ramos, Militao, and Marcelo. Mendy could start but I don’t think he will be risked from the start. The midfield 3 of Casemiro, Kroos, and Modric will be ever present while up front I think Hazard, and Vinicius will flank Benzema. It’s a stronger team than the one we faced in the 1st leg and one with bucket loads of experience. Hazard looks fresh and is seeking a revival while Benzema is the big threat up front. Vinicius was quite in Madrid but is always a danger. The quality of the midfield is known to the whole world while Ramos will be key at the back and for the whole team especially from set pieces. I think Madrid will stick with the 4-3-3 they had in the 2nd half as opposed to the weird 3-5-2 they deployed initially. 

Starting XI Prediction



It’s one of the big ones but perhaps it’s the biggest one yet for this Chelsea team. We will have to work hard like we have done under Tuchel, run for 90+ minutes with our lives stay solid at the back and we have to take our chances in front of goal. We can be confident and take motivation from our results in previous fixtures under Tuchel and while it won’t be easy we know that it is more than possible to get the job done. COME ON CHELSEA!!!

Midweek Football Preview

Who’s going to make the finals in Europe?

Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Man City (2) vs. (1) Paris Saint Germain

City got two massive away goals in the 1st leg which means that PSG need to score a minimum of 2 goals to reach the final. City are looking to make their first final and won at the weekend while PSG also won at the weekend. The game is finely poised but PSG will have to be way better than they were in the 1st leg to reach a 2nd successive final. Pep hasn’t reached a final since Barcelona while Poch is looking to reach his 2nd Champions League final. It’s a big one. 

Europa League Semi-Final 2nd Leg

AS Roma (2) vs. (6) Man United

Roma did so well for 45 minutes in the 1st leg but United finished them off in the 2nd half of the game. Roma would have to score 4 goals without reply to reach the final which is a daunting task. United really only need to hold on and get an away goal to book a place in the final. Roma lost at the weekend while United didn’t play Liverpool because the fans entered Old Trafford and damaged property. Either way bar some miracle Man United and Ole should reach their first final under the Norwegian. 

Arsenal (1) vs. (2) Villarreal

Arsenal managed to get a crucial away goal in the 1st leg which means that they need to score a goal without reply to reach the final. Villarreal can create a problem if they score 1 goal which would mean that Arsenal would have to score a minimum of 2 without conceding to take the game to extra time at least. Arsenal won at the weekend while Villarreal also won at the weekend. Emery is one of the most successful managers in Europa League history and it would be sweet for him if he beat Arsenal. Arsenal are looking to reach the final mainly because it’s their only way into the Champions League for next season but the same can be said for Villarreal. An interesting game. 

Midweek Football Review

Finely poised games!

Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg

Paris Saint Germain 1 vs. 2 Man City

It was a game of two halves. Marquinhos got the lead for PSG in the 15th minute and they dominated the 1st half against PSG. City though came out for the 2nd half and totally dominated the game. They pressed PSG and showed energy that the French team lacked. De Bruyne got the equaliser in the 64th minute which was a cross that creeped into the corner. Mahrez then got the winner in the 71st minute after his free kick went through the PSG wall like two doors opening. PSG then had Gueye sent off in the 77th minute for a dangerous tackle on Gundogan. PSG totally flopped in the 2nd half but they are not out of it yet. A big game ahead for them. City have the advantage. 

Europa League Semi-Final 1st Leg

Man United 6 vs. 2 AS Roma

This game was a typical Manchester United game of two halves. Fernandes got United the lead in the 9th minute but Pellegrini equalised for Roma from the penalty spot in the 15th minute. Dzeko then gave Roma the lead in the 33rd minute as United failed to capitalise on the chances they created. Roma also had to make 3 substitutions in the 1st half due to injures. United came out with a different intent in the 2nd half and Cavani equalised for United in the 48th minute. Cavani then made it 3 in the 64th minute while Bruno made it 4 via a customary penalty in the 71st minute. Pogba then made it 5 in the 75th minute while Greenwood made it 6 in the 86th minute. United break the semi-final curse under Ole and even though there is a 2nd leg it should be no more than a formality. United have reached the Europa League final. 

Villarreal 2 vs. 1 Arsenal

Trigueros scored within 5 minutes to give Villarreal the lead while Albiol made it 2 in the 29th minute. Arsenal were extremely poor and Arteta had picked a weird formation where Pepe started up top. Ceballos was then sent off for Arsenal in the 57th minute but Villarreal somehow suffered after it. Pepe got one goal back from the penalty spot in the 73rd minute. Capoue was then sent off for Villarreal in the 80th minute. Villarreal have the advantage but Arsenal do have an away goal to build on. 

Real Madrid 1 vs. 1 Chelsea Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg Review

A step in the right direction which could have been a leap!

Chelsea took on Real Madrid at Real Madrid’s academy stadium on Tuesday night for the Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg. There was a massive storm in Madrid which seemed fitting of the tie. Tuchel stuck with the exact same lineup that played against West Ham which was a bit of a surprise for some fans. Mendy started in goal with Christensen, Silva, and Rudiger making up the back four. Jorginho, and Kante started in midfield with Azpilicueta, and Chilwell as the wing backs. Mount, Pulisic, and Werner started up front. Zidane decided to match Chelsea in formation and chose to field a back three of Militao, Varane, and Nacho. Carvajal and Marcelo started as the wing backs with a trio of Casemiro, Modric, and Kroos. Vinicius and Benzema started up front. 

Chelsea started the game with blistering pace. Madrid looked out of place in their back formation and the front three along with Kante kept finding unlimited space in behind Madrid’s midfield. Chelsea’s first chance came early when a deflected Mount shot found Pulisic who headed the ball into Werner who’s shot from 6 yards was saved by Courtois feet. Chelsea then scored in the 14th minute as Rudiger’s long ball found Pulisic who took it down and dribbled past Courtois to finish and give Chelsea the lead. It was a brilliant goal. Chelsea then had 2-3 good chances as Pulisic, and Kante did well to reach the Madrid box but failed to find the pass into Werner who perhaps was too narrow with his run. As it began to pour the game became sloppy and Benzema managed to hit the post. Benzema then managed the equaliser in the 29th minute after Marcelo’s cross found Carvajal who’s header was bobbed onto Benzema’s head who then volleyed it past Mendy from close range. There was no real chance after that for either team as Madrid grew back into the game but posed no real threat. Half time came with Chelsea probably annoyed by the chances missed in the 1st half. 

The 2nd half was basically a stalemate between two teams which were much more cagey. Real Madrid made changes and changed their formation to a back four later on. The main difference was that they decided to stay narrow and sit back which didn’t allow Chelsea the space that was enjoyed by the front three in the 1st half. Werner came close once while Ziyech off the bench tested Courtois with a free kick but it was a comfortable save. The game ended with Chelsea happy with the away goal but Madrid very much in the tie thanks to the individual brilliance of Benzema. 

Chelsea Team Review


No clean sheet for Mendy in this game. There wasn’t much for Mendy to do during the whole game. There was really only two shots one that hit the post and one that Benezema scored. Other than that it was a wet but quite afternoon for our goalkeeper. 


Christensen, Silva, and Rudiger were solid as a back 3 with Rudiger particularly standing out. The only lapse came in the goal that was conceded as there were 3 headers in the box that our players did not win. Azpilicueta did well defensively and handled Vinicius well while Chilwell did the same on left but also provided a threat up front especially in the opening 25 minutes. Chilwell’s final pass was lacking though. Reece James came on in the 2nd half for Chelsea and handled Hazard well who also came on for a cameo 30 minutes. No clean sheet but a solid display.


Jorginho looked good but clearly tired as the game went on. There was some sloppy play from the Italian of course aided by the heavy rain. Kante was imperious in the midfield and dominated Madrid’s midfield 3. During the 1st 30 minutes he showed his immense dribbling skills as well but again once he reached the Madrid box it looked like he didn’t know what to do. Final pass was lacking from the Frenchman. Mount didn’t have any clear chances on goal but contributed by pressing and providing a basis to launch attacks. 


Pulisic was fire especially during the first 25 minutes. The goal was brilliantly taken and he should have had an assist in the opening minutes as well. The American continues to be a big game player for Chelsea and he delivered once again as he hits form at the right time. Timo Werner received plenty of criticism for his early miss that was saved from point blank range by Courtois. Of course Timo worked hard and created some chances while pulling defenders wide with his pace etc. Timo is a key player thanks to his pace but due to the fact he is a striker he will always be judged by how many goals he scores especially by the younger fans. Timo Werner does need to improve his finishing though but I don’t think it will happen this season. More like something for next season. Ziyech and Havertz came on later in the game and Ziyech once again made an impact from the bench. 


Tuchel’s plan worked to a T in the opening 25 minutes. Tuchel will of course be annoyed that Chelsea leave Madrid with a draw rather than a win by 2 or 3 goals. The attack is again an area where Tuchel needs to figure out things. The players are delivering but are also missing some good chances. An away goal is good though and something to bring back to London. 

It was good to go into a semi-final and not feel like a team that was depending on luck to get through. We dominated Madrid for large parts of the game and created chances as well. Chelsea now have to focus on Fulham and then we take on Madrid at Stamford Bridge. COME ON CHELSEA!!!

Real Madrid vs. Chelsea Champions League Semi-Final 1st Leg Preview

It’s the big one part 1!

Chelsea travel to Madrid to play Real Madrid at their B stadium on Tuesday night in the 1st leg of the Champions League Semi-Final. Real Madrid started the season poorly but then ever since the new year they have risen back up. They were outside the title race in La Liga but they have come back while they weren’t favourites for the Champions League but they are still well within it. Real Madrid have only scored 3 goal in their last 4 games and have drawn 3 of those 0-0. Regardless of domestic form, Zidane comes alive in the Champions League and their team is one filled with experience in the competition. They beat Atalanta and Liverpool in the last two rounds and neither team was a real threat. 

Chelsea go into this game having beaten West Ham in the league. It was a massive 3 points in the race for top four and now we pivot into the Champions League. Our Champions League campaign under Tuchel so far has been about top notch game management. Our defence has been the bedrock to our success against Atletico and Porto and then we manage to get an away goal or two to give us the advantage. I can’t see Chelsea doing anything different against a very experienced Madrid side. I believe Chelsea will look to control possession and create chances in the open spaces. Similar to any game recently we will have to be clinical with our chances. We have only scored more than 2 goals in one game under Tuchel so it’s not like our forwards are firing in front of goal even though we are playing well. Like Tuchel and Pulisic said pre match Real Madrid are a top team but we are Chelsea and no one wants to play against us either. 

Chelsea Team Preview

The only player out of the squad is Kovacic who is still recovering. Mendy will be in goal with Azpilicueta, Silva, and Rudiger as the back 3. I wouldn’t be surprised if Christensen stars in place of Azpilicueta but I think Tuchel will want the captain on the pitch. Reece James and Ben Chilwell should start as the wing backs with Jorginho and Kante in midfield. Up front Mount is nailed on to start but the other two is anyones guess. I think Tuchel will stick with Havertz and Pulisic but Ziyech and Werner could start as well. Two pairs of players that have created partnerships of sorts in recent games. We have an extensive bench either way filled with many options. 

Real Madrid Team Preview

Real Madrid will be without Ramos and Mendy for this game but they have key players like Kroos, and one Eden Hazard back. Zidane likes his 4-3-3 formation with Courtois in goal another ex Chelsea player. Militao and Varane should make up the centre backs while Carvajal is also back with him and Nacho making up the full back positions. It’s a way better defence than the one they had against Liverpool. Their midfield is their crown jewel with Modric, Casemiro, and Kroos dominating Europe for years now. Their ability to control the game and dictate play is unrivalled. Up front Benzema is nailed on to start as the striker and is probably their most important player while Vinicius should also start on the wing. Benzema’s ability to drop deep and link up play while also being a lethal finisher has seen him reach new heights as he gets older. Vinicius has raw pace to burn. I think the other player to start will be Asensio. Hazard should feature from the bench but he is looking dangerous. Marcelo is another player back who is also ready for this game. 

Starting XI Prediction



These are the type of games we football fans love. It’s going to be a big one for these Chelsea youngsters against a team which is filled with multiple Champions League winners. There is the narrative of Courtois who many Chelsea fans despise for the way he left the club and of Hazard who is idolised by almost everyone. I know Tuchel and team will be up for it and let’s see if we can take another step. COME ON CHELSEA!!!