Euro 2020 Semi-Finals Day 2 Preview

The neutrals against England!

England vs. Denmark

England are still the only team to have not conceded a goal at these Euros and are a step away from the final that will be played at Wembley. Its been a home tournament for England and the chants of “its coming home” are back in full swing. Denmark have been on a rollercoaster ride of a journey and at the moment the rollercoaster is climbing. On paper England would be the favourites and even otherwise the way England have won games even when not playing well they are the favourites. Denmark have been the more entertaining team though and have plenty of quality at their disposal as well. England will feel they are already through at least most fans will and Denmark can really break those hopes if they perform well. I don’t expect much goals but I expect it to be one hell of a fight. What a story it would be for Denmark if they reach the final. 


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