Euro 2020 Day 4 Preview

Hoping for goals!

Group D

Scotland vs. Czech Republic

These two teams are the ones who are up against it in this group as they look to beat the odds and finish in the top 3. England and Croatia are the favourites to qualify from the group so this is a massive head to head game between the two. Scotland drew one and won one of their friendlies while Czech Republic lost one and won one. The two squads have a mixture of experience and talent and some well known names in them. I don’t expect either team to go full throttle and so this might be a cagey affair. This could be a draw or a narrow win but neither team will run away with it. 

Group E

Poland vs. Slovakia

Group E is an open group and bar Spain there are no real favourites. Poland have drawn both of their friendlies while Slovakia have done the same. In terms of squads and quality there is only one real winner in this matchup and that’s Poland who have some serious talent. Slovakia have players like Hamsik but they have been around for a while now and are veterans. Poland are more likely to win this game although we have already seen the minnows provide decent challenges to better sides.

Spain vs. Sweden

Spain might have avoided picking Real Madrid players but they are still the favourites to qualify from the group. Sweden compared to Spain lack the quality but they have a good enough squad to finish 2nd or at the very least challenge Poland for that spot. Spain drew one of their friendlies and won the other while Sweden won all three of their friendlies. This will be a close game and similar to Netherlands and Ukraine this should see plenty of goals as well. 


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