Midweek Football Review

All English finals but 1!

Champions League Semi-Final 2nd Leg

Man City 2 (4) vs. (1) 0 Paris Saint Germain

Mahrez scored in the 11th minute and in the 63rd minute while Di Maria was sent off for PSG in the 69th minute as Man City finally reached their first Champions League final. Pep’s first Champions League final since 2010-11. PSG really didn’t cause any damage and funnily enough they looked like Spurs at the Battle of the Bridge no mentality what so ever. It looks like Pochettino has transferred the Spurs psyche to Paris. City now travel to Istanbul where they will play Chelsea for the Champions League trophy.

Europa League Semi-Finals 2nd Leg

AS Roma 3 (5) vs. (8) 2 Man United

Roma needed to score a minimum of 4 and they almost managed that if it wasn’t for De Gea and his world class saves and Cavani’s lethal finishes up front. Cavani scored in the 39th minute to give United the lead. Dzeko, and Cristante scored within 60 minutes in the 2nd half to cause United some problems. By that time De Gea had made around 4-5 world class saves to keep United in the game. Cavani then scored again in the 68th minute but Telles scored an own goal in the 83rd minute to give Roma a consolation win. Roma based on the match deserved to go through but De Gea’s class shined bright and United book their first final under Ole where they will play Villarreal. 

Arsenal 0 (1) vs. (2) 0 Villarreal

Villarreal are through. Emery is through. He gets the job done against the club that sacked him. He beat the manager that replaced him. Arteta and Arsenal had no ideas whatsoever and bar Aubameyang hitting the post there was no indication that Arsenal would win. Villarreal reach their first European final where they will face off against Man United and they have every chance of winning that game. Arsenal are not officially a mid table club. 


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