Midweek Football Preview

Who’s going to reach the latter stages of Europe?

Champions League Round of 16 2nd Leg

Real Madrid (1) vs. (0) Atalanta

Real Madrid got an away goal in the first leg and have the advantage going into this game. Atalanta need to score a minimum of 1 goal to get back into this game and then hope that Real Madrid don’t reply back. The more away goals Atalanta can manage the more of an advantage they gain. Real Madrid have drawn 2 and won 1 of their last 3 games. Atalanta have won 3 and lost 1. It’s a finely poised game and Atalanta will know that a goal or more brings them right back into the tie. 

Man City (2) vs. (0) Monchengladbach

City go into this game with 2 away goals in hand and comfortable for the 2nd leg. Monchengladbach have to score a minimum of 2 goals in this game without reply to stand a chance of going through. City won 4 and lost 1 of their last 5 games while Monchengladbach have lost all 4 of their games since the 1st leg to various opponents. City should go through to the next round while Monchengladbach need a miracle. 

Bayern Munich (4) vs. (1) Lazio

Munich already have 1 step in the next round with 4 away goals to their name. Lazio managed to get 1 at home but need to score a minimum of 4 going into this game, without reply. If Lazio manage 4 then Munich would have to score 2 because Lazio would then have the away goal advantage. Munich have won all 3 games since the 1st leg while Lazio have lost 2 and won 1. This game is just a formality for Bayern and the champions should easily reach the next round. 

Europa League Round of 16 2nd Leg

Arsenal (3) vs. (1) Olympiacos

Arsenal got 3 away goals in the 1st leg and are in a position of advantage for the 2nd leg. Olympiacos have 1 goal to their name but would have to score a minimum of 3 in London without reply. A tough task for the Greeks. Arsenal won at the weekend while Olympiacos also won at the weekend. Two good teams but this should be too much for Olympiacos and Arsenal are all but into the next round. 

Dinamo Zagreb (0) vs. (2) Tottenham

Tottenham got 2 goals in London as they travel to play Dinamo who failed to get any away goals. If Tottenham get an away goal then Zagreb would have to score a minimum of 4 goals to get into the next round. Dinamo won at the weekend while Tottenham lost. Tottenham should reach the next round. 

AC Milan (1) vs. (1) Man United

The game is finely poised for the 2nd leg with Milan having away goal to their name. United have to score in this leg if they want to go through and if United get 2 then Milan would have to score 3 to progress. Milan lost at the weekend while United won at the weekend. It is an interesting game and Milan are struggling at the moment while United are managing to get results. 


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