Chelsea 0 vs. 3 Bayern Munich Champions League Round of 16 Leg 1 Review

Done and dusted?

Chelsea went into this tie thinking a loss was probably on the cards but we could cause an upset and for 45 minutes it was like that but Bayern blew Chelsea away in the 2nd half. Lampard stuck with the players he chose against Tottenham as we thought we could replicate the performance against Tottenham. Bayern also went with their top guns as everyone who was expected to start started. 

The 1st half was a tight one although Bayern were clearly the dominant side and missed several guilt edged chances in front of goal. It looked like it might be one of those nights when Chelsea stay solid and ride their luck for a 1-0 win but as soon as they 2nd half kicked off it was evident the night was going to be the complete opposite. Gnabry scored in the 51st minute and added a 2nd in the 54th minute as the mood was sucked out of the stadium with only the Bayern fans singing. Lewandowski added a 3rd in the 76th minute which was a final nail in the coffin. Chelsea had some great chances on the counter but we missed them as usual. Tammy missed two of those chances while Willian and Pedro came off the bench to not make a difference.

The players themselves were poor in general. The young players will learn from this and go on to  improve as the likes of Mount, and Reece had a tough time handling the likes of Davies and Gnabry. The senior players though should be the ones looking at themselves as Rudiger was abysmaly poor and it still surprises me how Zouma or Tomori do not start ahead of him. The fact at the end of the day though is that Bayern were clearly the better side and their quality was leaps and bounds ahead of Chelsea’s. There will be better days and the game only highlighted the fact that a lot of the deadwood needs to leave in the summer. Hopefully the likes of Pulisic, and RLC are back for the 2nd leg to at least cause some excitement for the Chelsea fans. Tie is 99% done but it’s not over until the final whistle and there is always a chance that we can win 0-4 in Munich. 

Next up is Bournemouth in the league as we should concentrate on a top four finish and build for the future. COME ON YOU BLUES!!!


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