Midweek Football Preview

Cup competitions move along!

Copa Del Rey Semi-Final Leg 1

The Copa Del Rey is devoid of “big” teams this year as they all dropped out in the last round and so it is a great chance for smaller teams to win. Bilbao take on Granada in a game that Bilbao should be favourites in while Sociedad take on Mirandes in a game where Sociedad should be favourites. My predictions for the final is Bilbao against Sociedad but it is a game of two legs and Granada and Mirandes need to be taken seriously. 

Coppa Italia Semi-Final Leg 1

Inter take on Napoli while Milan take on Juventus as all four teams can be counted as favourites for the trophy regardless of their league form. Either way whichever teams qualifies over the two legs should provide an entertaining final. Inter and Juventus are fighting it out for the title along with Lazio while for Napoli and Milan this is a great chance to get trophy in this season. 

Coupe De France Quarter-Final

Rennes travel to Belfort, PSG travel to Dijon, Lyon take on Marseille in an eye catching fixture and St.Etienne travel to Epinal. PSG should make it to the next round along with Rennes and St.Etienne while Lyon and Marseille will be an entertaining one. Cups provide upsets though and don’t be shocked if one of the other teams drops out. 


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