Cardiff City 1 vs. 2 Chelsea Review

Literally a get out of jail free card!

In what was one of our worst performances of the season the football gods shined down upon us to salvage 3 points and earn Sarri a stay of execution. Sarri made some questionable selection decisions, which drew a lot of criticism from the fanbase. Kepa started in goal as usual, Azpi, Rudiger, and Luiz were accompanied by Alonso which became issue number 1. Jorginho, Barkley, and Kovacic started in midfield with Kante being rested which became issue no 2. Willian, Higuain, and Pedro made up the attack with Hazard rested alongside CHO which became issue no 3. Pre-match Sarri stated that he had to rest Kante and Hazard for the run in and he preferred Willian and Pedro because he worked with them over 14 days for this game. According to how the game went his selections did not pay off and either he is a bad manager which is not true or his stubbornness and blind faith in players like Willian, Pedro, and Alonso is clouding his judgement. 

Chelsea were totally useless in the first half as we created nothing and were just poor all over the pitch. We dominated possession once again but Cardiff really had nothing to do. The second half started as it usually does these days with the opposing team shifting into a new gear and scoring an early goal as Camarasa beautifully finished to give Cardiff the lead in the 46th minute. Cardiff then held on defended well as the likes of Hazard, RLC, and Giroud were brought on to make a difference. The impact of RLC, and Hazard was clear as we right away created more space and threat in the Cardiff half. Our first goal came via Azpi in the 84th minute as he headed in the equaliser. Replays though showed that Azpi was clearly offside and Neil Warnock went crazy on the touch line. Chelsea buoyed by the goal and Cardiff deflated by it turned the tide as RLC headed in the winner in the 91st minute. Sarri thanked the heavens for the fortune and Chelsea left the pitch with three points having done close to nothing. It has to be mentioned that prior to the two goals a section of the fans were shouting Sarri Out but really they should have been shouting for the whole team plus the board to leave the pitch. 

Sarri’s selections did not pay off and really the solution is so simple, play Emerson, play Christensen, play CHO, play RLC, and don’t take the risk of resting Kante, and Hazard again. It’s not that Emerson is Roberto Carlos but Alonso is so bad that Emerson just is the better option. Luiz and Rudiger are too similar and adding Christensen in brings calmness and intelligence into the middle. Barkley is decent but RLC is just way better and always makes an impact. CHO is literally our second best winger and Sarri needs to forget that he has Willian and Pedro. Giving the players ratings is useless because they were so poor. Sarri’s persistence with the same XI is turning even the most patient fans against him and he is the problem particularly when the solution is so clear. Yes, you don’t have the greatest squad but at least use the better players at your disposal. The players mentioned above have to start against Brighton midweek and if Alonso, Willian, Pedro, or even Barkley start then the environment could become really toxic. Sarri needs to see the light! COME ON YOU BLUES!!!

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