Champions League Round of 16 2nd Leg Preview

Part 2 of the Round of 16.

Man City (3) vs. (2) Schalke 04

City beat Schalke in the 1st leg in what was brilliant comeback as they got three away goals in the process. Schalke are not out of the fixture by any means but would need to score 2 without reply to seal progression to the next round. City are in great form while Schalke have since lost three in a row. City should win this game and reach the quarter finals bar some miracle.

Juventus (0) vs. (2) Atletico Madrid

Juventus surprisingly lost 2-0 at Atletico without get a single away goal as Atletico were strong defensively and took their chances. Juventus have to do it all and need to score 3 goals without reply to progress to the quarter finals. It is a tough task especially because Atletico are so strong defensively. This should be a brilliant game and with comebacks not impossible and with Ronaldo there anything can happen. Juventus have since one all three of their games while Atletico have also won all three of their games and not conceded a single goal in the process.

Bayern Munich (0) vs. (0) Liverpool

The 1st leg was a boring draw and its all to play for in Munich. Bayern would do well to score and keep a clean sheet because if Liverpool score and the game is a draw then Liverpool go through. A Liverpool goal would mean that Bayern have to win the game. Bayern have been in overdrive having won all three of their games and scoring 12 goals in the process. Liverpool have played out 4 games drawing 2 and winning 2. Bayern have been a different proposition since the New Years and on Wednesday this is the game to watch. 

Barcelona (0) vs. (0) Olympique Lyonnais

Lyon did well to keep Barcelona out of their goal in the 1st leg and both teams have it all to play for in the 2nd. Similar to the Bayern Liverpool game Lyon would be in a better position if they got an away goal which would mean that Barcelona would have to win the game. Barcelona have since played 4 games winning all four of which two were against Real Madrid. Lyon have also played 4 games winning 2, losing 1 and drawing 1. Barcelona have plenty of quality to go through and score goals but their defence is suspect and if Lyon can get an away goal it would make this an interesting tie. 



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