Chelsea 0 vs. 2 Man United FA Cup 5th Round Review

Out of our first cup competition.

Chelsea lost to Man United 0-2 thanks to goals from Pogba and Herrera in the 1st half. Sarri selected the same exact lineup that he has tried again and again but it once again did not work as Alonso was selected ahead of Emerson, Kovacic played in the midfield as RLC did not feature in the squad and CHO was on the bench as Pedro started. Herrera scored in the 31st minute as United utilised the space left by Alonso and then once again used the same space for Pogba to score. Chelsea had no reply and the substitutions of Barkley, Willian, and surprisingly Zappacosta did not benefit Chelsea in any way. 

I have gone over the faults of the players and the board and those faults still hold but Sarri is now running into his fair share of blame. I get that he does not have the players and that he has stuck to 14 but he cannot keep selecting this same set of starting XI. Sarri’s lineups and in game management and lack of flexibility when it comes to his formation will be his downfall. Whether we like it or not if he continues down this path the board and the set of fans that ask for the manager to get sacked will get their way but unlike previous occasions we wont have Drogba, Terry, Lampard etc to dig us out of our hole. 

Sarri needs to change it up if he wants to have any future at this football club, sacking him would mean that this whole season was a waste of time and our club will find themselves in the same position in the 1 or 2 years again. We have our 2nd leg against Malmo and if the same team plays I give Malmo a chance, then we have our final against City and for all honesty that we might lose, following that we have a game against Spurs and I cant see those guys win again. Sarri needs to buy himself time for the next few months to insure that he can play Sarriball at Chelsea next season otherwise it will be curtains on his time at this club. COME ON MAN!!!!


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