World Cup Day 14 Preview

Group of death and who finishes first in group G?

Group G

England vs. Belgium

With both teams guaranteed a place in the round of 16 and level on points and goal difference this game can be seen as a small final. Belgium and England have both had dominant and cagey wins in the group and while Kane remains fit and ready there are doubts on whether Lukaku will feature or not. These sets of players know each other well but that will be put aside for this game as bragging rights will be key. This should be an entertaining game and the winner will finish first. 

Panama vs. Tunisia

A final of sorts in this game as well due to the fact that both teams have zero points and both will want to go home with at least a win to their name. Panama and Tunisia have been poor but their support has been great and both teams having nothing to lose will go for the win. 

Group H

Senegal vs. Colombia

Senegal go into this game knowing that a win would take them to the knockout stage while a draw would also be assure them a place but only if Japan lose. A loss would also see them through incase Japan also lost. Colombia need to win to keep qualification in their own hands, a draw could be enough but would come down to goal difference while a loss would send them home. Senegal have been excellent their games while Colombia have shown two different sides in their fixtures. This should be a close game and one that neither team will want to lose. 

Japan vs. Poland

Japan lead the group and their situation is the same as Senegal’s, a win would guarantee them qualification and a draw would also be enough but Colombia would have to lose or draw in their game as well. If Japan lost and Colombia lost then Japan would still go through. Poland are playing for pride at this point as they have lost both their games. Japan need the three points but can wait and play on the counter Poland have nothing to lose as well and so this will be a cagey affair. 


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