World Cup Day 6 Preview

Easy wins for top teams?

Group A

Uruguay vs. Saudi Arabia

Uruguay managed to edge past Egypt even though they did not deserve the three points but Saudi Arabia should be a completely different case. Thrashed 5-0 by Russia on opening day if Saudi Arabia play in similar fashion to that game then they might be in for another thrashing. 

Group B

Portugal vs. Morocco

Portugal and specifically Ronaldo managed to get a point against Spain but this game against Morocco should be a comfortable 3 points for them. Morocco shockingly lost to Iran in the only game which on paper they could win. Morocco might be in for another loss, and a heavy one at that. 

Iran vs. Spain

Table leaders Iran take on a Spain side who played well but only managed a point against Portugal. Iran were able to beat Morocco late on but Spain should be one step to far. An easy 3 points await Spain and a chance to move to the top of the table. 



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