Newcastle vs Chelsea Preview

Final game of the season!

As the league season draws to a close it comes as a relief but the day after the countdown for the new season will start. 

Newcastle away is always a tough game and this time it comes at perhaps the most important time. A win and a potential loss for Liverpool against Brighton would mean that Chelsea make it into the top four. Anything less would mean that we will be resigned to the Europa League. It is an important game for Antonio Conte as well as it could be his last league game for Chelsea although it should not be and that will be discussed in a future article. 

Chelsea fans are split on the whole Conte situation but we will need full support to gain three points. In the pre match press conference Conte was asked the usual questions and gave the usual responses. Chelsea need to win and though top four is out of our hands a win could would be a nice way to finish the season. 

Chelsea Team Preview

No new information on the team everyone is available except David Luiz and Ampadu. The formation is anybody’s best guess but it should be one that includes an all out attack. 

Newcastle Team Preview

Kennedy is missing as he can not play against Chelsea as he is on loan. 

Starting XI Prediction 



Last game of the season, and its a must win not because of a potential top four finish but just to alleviate some of the negativity that has split fans in recent weeks.




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