Swansea vs Chelsea Preview

Keep up the momentum. 

A big game for both teams as Swansea push for safety and Chelsea try to apply pressure on Spurs and Liverpool. 

Many Chelsea fans would agree that 2018 has not been great, we started the year in second place and now sit 5th. The last 3 weeks have shown an uptick in Chelsea’s form and fortune. The mood seems lighter and more optimistic, top four might be beyond our reach but Conte has been trying new formations and the players seem to have a new vigour and the chants of “Antonio” have returned amongst the voices of the fans (not that they should have ever stopped). 

Swansea will be tough opposition as they have proved themselves under Carvalhal. In most likelihood they will be safe come end of the season and so the Swans are probably looking towards next season and building on the progress under the new manager. 

Conte’s press conference was fairly short, off topic questions were fairly limited although he was asked about the Mourinho’s statement that he was not responsible for the sale of Salah. Conte stated that its not as simple as that because the Salah at Chelsea was a completely different person to the current Salah. Most would agree with that statement although if Chelsea’s board should have learned something this season it should be that they should not discard some players or managers for one mediocre season. 

Chelsea Team Preview

No major team news, Conte stated that everyone is fit and even David Luiz is aiming for an appearance before the season ends. Conte also praised the experience and importance of Gary Cahill for the team after his recent uptick in form. Conte has several formations and options to choose from when it comes in attack and it will be interesting to see who starts. 

Swansea Team Preview

For Swansea centre backs Fernandez and Bartley may or may not play due to knee injuries while Narsingh is also a doubt. Swansea will also be without Tammy Abraham who is on loan from Chelsea and so can not feature against his parent club. 

Starting XI Prediction 



Its all about finishing the season in the best way possible and Chelsea should aim to get three points in what should be a tough game. 




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